Ed Davenport presents Inland - Solstice

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  • A fair few hailed Ed Davenport's Counterchange on NRK as one of the debut artist albums of 2012. The Berlin-based Brit's new label is named after said release—as is the second EP from his Inland project. Solstice picks up where last July's eponymous EP on Falkplatz left off, focusing again on deep, horizon-spanning techno. This feel is most prevalent on the title track, with Davenport using elongated chords to create a spacious environment for the percussion to atmospherically build. "Solstice (Lost)" is a tighter-packed, and somewhat inferior, alternative version, with less depth and a more driving tempo. "Monument" restores the early serenity by suspending euphoric pulses over subtle yet effective claps, while "Earthloop" completes the package in a trance-like haze. Throughout the EP, Davenport resists epic crescendos or rushing breakdowns. Instead, an understated momentum is maintained, giving the release an immersive and timeless quality.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Solstice A2 Solstice (Lost) B1 Monument B2 Earthloop