Sawf - Skotos

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  • Anonymous Greek producer Sawf has built a reputation with techno that's functional but consistently unique. The Athens resident's latest effort, Skotos, comes via Milan's M_REC LTD, and has the swing and bassline funk that have defined most of his work so far. Here, though, the end result is a little more understated. Pitched-down vocals define "Skotos." They're coupled with a hazy low-end and a kick with enough variation to keep what's essentially a DJ tool exciting. Berliners Milton Bradley and Henning Baer provide remixes that take the original into peak-time territory. The former opts for a more traditional and minimalist approach, simplifying the percussion and looping a harsh synth line. The latter goes for a platform of distorted breakbeats and frenzied highs—a cut for only daring DJs.
  • Tracklist
      A Skotos (Original) B1 Skotos (Milton Bradley Remix) B2 Skotos (Henning Baer Remix)