xxxy - Progression / Thinkin Bout

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  • There's one thing that Rupert Taylor can't be accused of and that's pretentiousness. The no-nonsense producer describes his latest EP for Swansea's Ten Thousand Yen as an "arpy thing with bass and a vocally thing with bass." I'm paid to expand on that so am happy to report that 'Progression" is indeed arpy and bassy, but the truth is less prosaic. Chiefly, that means that the bass is of the wobbly, heavy variety, while those synths soar skywards menacingly like tracer bullets. The housier "Thinkin Bout" rushes in on a bed of pinging Bashmore bass—the Bristolian, coincidentally, is a Ten Thousand Yen alumnus—floating, jacuzzi-warm pads, ravey stabs and squeaky, garagey vox. It almost spills over with euphoria.
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      A Progression B Thinkin Bout