Alix Alvarez - Elixr EP

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  • You could argue that, having worked as an engineer at the MAW Studios and been exposed to all the talent that's passed through its doors, The Bronx's Alix Alvarez couldn't fail when it came to his own productions. On Elixr, his debut for Ovum, his versatility and dexterous touch make for one of the best house EPs in recent months. "No Loss" is the most traditional of the quartet, combining beautiful, gushing pads, crunchy hi-hats and a throbbing swing. "BDRK" rides on a bed of machine-tooled analogue synths that bubble and ping, with trippy arpeggiated melodies spiraling upwards to be met by acid vibes. As the title suggests, "Champion Sound," a favourite of Ovum boss Josh Wink, has more than a hint of dub about it. Fizzing percussion, trembling bass drops and a spaced-out Jamaican patois vocal all move within its head-nodding rhythm. The smoky vibe quickly dissipates with "Treat Me," a high-stepping cut-up vocal march with a garagey tinge but a raw-edged tech toughness to it too. Alix Alvarez is all over the place, and in this instance, that's a very good thing.
  • Tracklist
      01. No Loss 02. BDRK 03. Champion Sound 04. Treat Me