Abdulla Rashim - Semien Terara EP

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  • Abdulla Rashim's latest record, Semien Terara, is the low-key Swedish techno artist's most ethereal work yet. The two more lengthy rhythmic pieces here mark a subdued shift away from his other, more aggressive releases: both are underpinned by soft-as-velvet kick drums and cloaked in spectral synth tones. "Semien Terara 1" is the more captivating journey. Its carefully arranged hi-hats and cymbals provide brain-tickling texture, and a wonderfully understated drop midway through creates a subtle yet crucial sense of urgency. "Semien Terara 2" gradually gathers syncopated bunches of low-end percussion, but what you'll likely remember most are the jazzy riffs that float in and out of the mix. "Semien Terara 3," the short, beatless last track, ensures that the mellow mood lingers to the very end. Stylistic tweaks aside, those who dig Abdulla Rashim's hypnotic, open-ended style should find plenty to love on this EP.
  • Tracklist
      A Semien Terara 1 B1 Semien Terara 2 B2 Semien Terara 3