The Sonic Aesthetic - Mendicant Adventures

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  • Mark Barrott, an artist best known for the ambient drum & bass project Future Loop Foundation, has taken his time revealing the productions he made for his own label, International Feel. After some choice releases from DJ Harvey and Gatto Fritto, Barrott, who's now based in Ibiza, gently unleashes three tracks with a kind of slo-mo house-cum-Balearic theme. "Mendicant Adventures" sounds like a 45 played at -8. Reduced to heartbeat pace, it's a complex but beautiful beast, with synth swells brushing across it like gossamer wings, a muffled bass pattern and, later, gurgling acid lines. There's a hint of The Orb in the robotic cockroach-scuttle that underpins "The Dark Of The Moon." It's joined by a chugging hi-hat and a dainty analogue synth melody. There's more than a hint of Music Has The Right-era Boards Of Canada, while final track, "The Paradol Chamber," evokes the kings of kosmische. It dispenses with beats in favour of acoustic guitar, a bubbling krautrock cadence and large synth throbs that float around it like icebergs.
  • Tracklist
      A Mendicant Adventures B1 Dark of the Moon B2 The Paradol Chamber