James Zabiela - Sound in Motion (Unmixed)

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  • After reviewing the delights of the CD mixed version of Sound In Motion by James Zabiela, I can safely say that the unmixed Vinyl release is just as good. Essentially, they are the same tunes, but Hooj have chosen the best of the pack so to speak for this release. 3 slabs of vinyl with 4 tracks on each slab. Disc One PJ Davy – “Freezing Point” (Dave Robertson Frozen Remix) A purely devastating baseline is the key to this track as well as the delights of the simple drum pattern used. The baseline changes shape midway in, turning the track into an electro fuelled driving production. Bermuda Triangle – “Tay Do 22” One of the highlight tracks of the album, this is Bermuda Triangle at their best. A great drum pattern is intertwined with a deep baseline that gather pace throughout. A beautiful vocal sample is used to give this track a great uplifting edge. Dave Robertson – “Slang For Funky” As the name suggest, this production has a great funk to it, again, pretty much down to the deep silky baseline used. As with the PJ Davy remix, the drums are very solid. The production introduces a twisited acid hook deep in to give it another level. A great track. Animated – “Come On” Taken from the Quivver EP, ‘Come On’ is a twisted production that works amazingly well in the mix. As its own on the other hand it is just as good, using great drum patterns, a very dirty baseline and some eerie effects to keep the fire fuelling. Great stuff. Disc Two Simon & Levin – “Gone” Used early in the mix by James, this production is a great smooth journey into smooth atmospheric sounds and a great little melody. The broken beats enter the track a little in, however, it maintains a smooth façade for its entirety. Ebon – “Sleepless 2” (Original Tribal Mix) This production was a great addition to the mix, and comes from a man by the name of Justin Lake-Whedon. It has a deep as hell baseline and a cheeky little vocal sample that gives this production a great feel. Some nice expanding base sounds deep into the track also give it another edge. A producer to look out for. Bushwacka! – “Break Your Face” This man needs no introduction really. Another solid piece of work by Bushwacka. It’s a pacey production that was pitched down by James, but uses some nice sound effects throughout, combined with a nice deep baseline and some good drum work. Ant – “Process Cyan Min” Quite simply one of the tracks from the album, this is a fiery track that words almost cannot describe. Clearly pitched down by James in the mix, it’s a combination of deep drubbing baselines, hypnotic drums, and a very unique and head warping fusion of effects and sounds. Brilliant Peak time madness. Disc Three Lanoiraude – “J.J. Scenario” A smooth and quirky production this one, which makes use of a croaking baseline and nice effects. The track breaks down in smooth fashion midway with some nice atmospheric strings which is a great highlight of the production. Earth Dueley – “Spacial Gathering” A great track this one. It takes a few moments to build with nice drum work and great sound effects, but once that bouncy baseline gets going, the track is simply brilliant. The Silence – “Acid Attack” My personal highlight of the compilation, this track builds and builds for its entirety. The drums build from start to finish, while the acid rumbles ride the production. The signature Acid sweep in this track is simple yet genius, especially when it frequently makes an appearance deep into the track, a period where all elements are working overtime. Natural Rhythm – “Your World” A deep and smooth production this. The highlight is the stuttering drum pattern as well as the subtle and not too overpowering vocals. The track maintains a good flow throughout and makes good use of sound effects. If you liked the CD release, and own decks, then there really is no excuse not to have this vinyl release.