Roman Flügel - Even More

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  • Clone Jack For Daze is self-explanatory enough as a label name, but even by its own standards this new 12-inch from long-running German shapeshifter Roman Flügel fits the bill exceptionally well. Its five tracks—two originals from Flügel and three remixes from Serge & Tyrell—spring straight into peak-time action, barely offering enough room for dancers to catch their breath along the way. Flügel's own tracks possess his customary ear for idiosyncratic spatial layout and melodic progression: chicken-scratch guitars carve themselves into the surface of "Even More," joined by a hail of struck metal and cowbell raining down from above. "More&More&More" sharpens the groove to pinpoint efficiency, tugging the bassline down a few notches and angling the hi-hats so that each strains to pull free from its surroundings. Serge & Tyrell's three remixes offer variations on a theme. Each fits the same brusque techno template to different vocals and tinny melodies that sound like rulers being sprung on the edge of a school desk. The "SBF325 Mix" is the most powerful, escalating to a maniacal peak of wild-eyed chants and siren bleeps.
  • Tracklist
      A Even More B More&More&More A More&More&More (Serge & Tyrell SBF325) B1 More&More&More (Serge & Tyrell's Work That Mix) B2 More&More&More (Serge & Tyrell Instrumental)