Lapalux - Without You

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  • You'll be hard pressed to find a stronger lead single than "Without You," dropped ahead of the release of Lapalux's debut album, Nostalchic. In conjunction with fellow UK artist Kerry Leatham, Lapalux doesn't so much construct a beat as an entire ecosystem, weaving his impassioned framework around Leatham's earnest vocals. The chorus presents a male/female duet; the lyrics "I do not want you to leave me/I do not want to leave you" reverberate with rattling despondency. Drained after such a consuming opening, the slow, gyrating hip-hop of "Swallowing Smoke" feels like a warm blanket. "Guurl" marries sultry synths with mutant murmurs to form a sound palette so dense it's a miracle reggaeton drums find a way through. If last year's Some Other Time and When You're Gone EPs felt stiff in places, then Lapalux has loosened up the knots just when it matters.
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      01. Without You feat. Kerry Leatham (Radio Edit) 02. Without You feat. Kerry Leatham 03. Swallowing Smoke (Alternate Version) 04. Guuurl