Luciano - Cachai / Dance Unity

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  • As his international stock continues to rise, studio time has been an increasing rarity for Luciano. "Rise Of Angel" was his sole contribution to the Cadenza catalogue in 2012, and moving on from that somewhat saccharine offering comes "Cachai" and "Dance Unity," two similarly lengthy excursions into the depths of the Chilean's musical mind. The former carries Luciano's classic micro-house aesthetic, with a muffled piano line meandering over an airy, almost rainforest-like soundboard of crisp kicks, prancing chimes and inhuman chirps. "Dance Unity," at just under fifteen minutes, is the longer of the two. It layers glitchy blips and bleeps over a sunless backdrop of minimal techno rhythms. Stifled robotic utterances coupled with an assortment of synth lines hint that Luciano's upcoming LP on Cadenza could be quite the mixed bag.
  • Tracklist
      A Cachai B Dance Unity