DJ Sotofett feat. Madteo - There's Gotta Be A Way

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  • If he wasn't involved in music, Madteo could probably specialise in movie trailer voiceovers. His vocals injected his recent Noi No album with colour and character (think Nick Nolte after a pack of Lucky Strikes). It's possible that the Queens-based artist learned the power of the spoken word from Sensational: Madteo credits the hip-hop artist, who featured on some of his early singles, with teaching him a back-to-basics approach to music. Produced by Sex Tags chief DJ Sotofett, the "Underground" mix of "There's Gotta Be a Way" couldn't be more primal—as stripped back as dance music gets. A crackly drum loop rumbles for nearly 16 minutes, over which Madteo croaks a soporific, stream-of-consciousness monologue. The low-life poetry of Bukowski is a touchstone here, although at times the lyrics are obtuse to the point of baffling—"Do I prefer being fucked in the ass or being treating like an ass?" he asks at one point. Sotofett keeps the drums buried in the mix, the same infinite loop rolling and rolling while the monologue continues. The flip sees Sotofett showcase his production wares on the "Vision of Love Club" mix. It's a more substantial offering, with synths, skipping hats and more detailed percussive elements. This time Madteo no longer sounds like he's in a drug-induced stupor, and the more conventional arrangement pushes the vocals out of the limelight. As with most of the Sex Tags output, it's hard to tell if this record is genius or a prank. In truth, it's probably a bit of both.
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      A There's Gotta Be A Way (Underground Mix) B There's Gotta Be A Way (Vision Of Love Club Mix)