Anthony Naples - El Portal

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  • Will Bankhead, the London artist behind Trilogy Tapes, seems to have his eye on New York these days. One of his biggest releases of last year came from Willie Burns, a Brooklyn producer known for his work on L.I.E.S. and his own WT Records. Now, just a few months later, he's cherry-picked another artist from another New York institution: Anthony Naples, the young buck behind Mister Saturday Night's 2012 hit, Mad Disrespect. It's interesting to hear Naples' sound develop. Great as they are, his two MSN 12-inches followed a fairly standard house blueprint. On El Portal, he ventures out a bit more. The title track and "Busy Signal" are like deep house songs heard in a fever dream. Both are shrouded in gauzy chords, and the former ends with what almost sounds like a guest appearance from The Caretaker: a mess of static that gives way to a distant, echo-drenched rock ballad. "La Cuarta" is little more than shimmering arpeggios, joined in the end by a timid kick drum. For my money, the best song here is "Pueblo," a lazy wintertime sketch led by a mournful organ. Proof, if we needed it, that Naples has more than just house records up his sleeve.
  • Tracklist
      A1 El Portal A2 Pueblo B1 Busy Signal B2 La Cuarta