Delroy Edwards - Heart and Soul / Sprk Tha Dust

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  • Just in case you thought you had L.I.E.S. man Delroy Edwards pegged as one thing—a purveyor of hard and tracky Chicago house where rhythm reigns supreme—this limited-run, black label 12-inch adds another couple of strings to his bow. "Heart and Soul" pairs the piledriving momentum of last year's 4 Club Use Only with a gorgeous and gossamer-thin loop that sweeps across the track's surface in a serotonin-prickling rush. Little more than a four-note motif picked out in shimmering blue, it's lent a hypnotic air by jackhammer drums that pound away underneath. Things take a turn for the darkside on "Sprk Tha Dust," a manic ghetto house beast that storms along at well over 150 BPM. It sounds as though Edwards is pushing his hardware right to the edge of its capabilities, with tempo and volume forced upward until everything peaks into a noisy, overdriven mess. Percussion is violently foregrounded, making it clear that "Sprk Tha Dust" is still intended as a dance floor track (albeit a particularly sadistic one). A chanted, chopped voice is pitched down, the words themselves impossible to make out in the gloom.
  • Tracklist
      A Heart and Soul B Spark Tha Dust