Heatsick - Dream Tennis Remixes

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  • Heatsick's original "Dream Tennis" was a typical slice of Steven Warwick magic: a nest of delicately pirouetting keyboard lines accompanied by tinny house rhythms that slowly unraveled across ten minutes. Despite the marked differences between the four remixes here, they remain of a piece with Warwick's original and thus with each other, making for a great, coherent set of variations on a strong central theme. Legowelt, who opens the 12-inch, couldn't be a more appropriate choice of remixer—like Warwick, he's made a career of wringing the maximum possible effect from the simplest combinations of gear, with a focus on melody over fidelity. Like Heatsick's original, his remix feels peculiarly timeless, its choppy, breakbeat-ish percussion recalling Dr. Eich-era Carl Craig. Young Marco turns in a disorienting dub version, keeping Warwick's sumptuous earworm of a lead line firmly in place but dropping it into the echo chamber. Clima views the original from a different angle, keeping its textures and percussive backbone intact and scoring its surface with fine synth drones. L.I.E.S/Trilogy Tapes associate Willie Burns makes the most dramatic changes, slowing proceedings to a sensuous throb that simply fades out in its final seconds—an appropriate gesture for a groove that could have happily run on forever.
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      A1 Dream Tennis (Legowelt W30 Palm Springs Pawn Shop Remix) A2 Dream Tennis (Willie Burns Remix) B1 Dream Tennis (Young Marco Remix) B2 Dream Tennis (Clima Remix)