Submerse - Algorithms and Ghosts

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  • Project Mooncircle continue their run of ethereal instrumental beats with Algorithms and Ghosts, the latest mutation from British DJ/producer Submerse. The young producer builds on his previous releases for Project Mooncircle and Apollo with a rounded showcase of crisp, low-slung beats, dreamy melodies and playfulness. From a soft, ongoing chime, opening track, "Truth," swings into a mellow head nod tempo. "Algorithms and Ghosts" takes the blend of edginess and soothing melodies to another level. A crisp, beatless intro rollicks into life with a hi-hat and snare roll more typical of modern trap. "This Combo Could End Us" picks up from "Truth" but with a straighter delivery of beats and vocal samples. "Here's Looking At You" takes a different slant, with childlike chimes and a dreamy melody that weaves in and out. "Dim Lights and Metorite," a collaboration with Sorrow, is all crunchy beats, playful beeps and vocal snippets, and is not dissimilar to Kidsuke's recent Project Mooncircle release. The EP closes out with "Monochrome" and "Blips In December," two contemplative tracks with a more serious outlook than the previous playful workouts.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Truth A2 Algorithms and Ghosts A3 This Combo Could End Us B1 Here's Looking At You B2 Dim Lights and Meteorites (feat. Sorrow) B3 Monochrome B4 Blips In December