Paul Simon / Global Communication - Ame / Ripperton Edits

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    14 Mar 2013
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    January 2013
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  • The celebratory moment that Âme's edit of Paul Simon's "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" captured is as meaningful as the music itself. The track came to prominence at the Innervisions Boiler Room takeover at ADE, where Dixon and Âme were playing back-to-back. Simon's lovelorn vocal closed the four-hour set while feathers filled the frame as attendees were pillow fighting around them. Âme's edit induces easy smiles from comparative austerity. Simon's conversational narrative and twisting cadence works wonders as an airy accompaniment to the rubbery bass, with a gentle thump and woodblocks keeping the percussion organic. Stray shakers eventually introduce a full-throated closing chant, which fades away like a celebratory parade moving into the distance. Ripperton's edit of Global Communication's "Maiden Voyage" doesn't alter so much from the original but is tweaked to shake off any chill-out room somnolence. Villalobos has been known to play a re-rub of Global Communication's classic "14:31," and the rollicking riff at the center of "Maiden Voyage" achieves an equally straightforward psychedelia. Two-note bass grumbles moves beneath a skittering melodic line as it unveils itself from silky pads. Pinched hi-hats add propulsion while resonant pianos bump up against the ongoing arpeggio.
  • Tracklist
      A Paul Simon - Diamonds (Ame Private Edit) B Global Communication - Maiden Voyage (Ripperton Edit)