Levon Vincent - NS08

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  • Few labels currently command as much respect, and cause as much of a furore, as Levon Vincent's Novel Sound. NS08, which had a recent low-key midweek release, set the internet alight, with people scrambling to ensure themselves one of the limited copies. Many will remember "Rainstorm II" as the penultimate track on Vincent's excellent fabric mix, its rabidly infectious hook this time opening proceedings. Parallels can be drawn to "Pivotal Moments in Life" from NS06: note the same simple framework and eventual switch from light to heavy synths. "People" is morbid by comparison, with a metronomic barrage of robotic clangs playing out over thumping kicks. Midway through, the robots spring into action, veering from their militant course to keep the track vigorously moving. "???" retains the metallic sound but offsets it against one of the funkiest basslines in Vincent's catalogue. The highlight of his recent LWE podcast, it's quite simply one of the most danceable tracks released this year. "Double-Jointed Sex Freak II," another from the fabric mix, leaves the funk backstage and reverts to default Levon: taut, atmospheric production values and trademark undulating grooves.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Rainstorm II A2 People B1 ??? B2 DJSF II