Bering Strait - Apart

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  • Apart marks Jack Lever's debut release as Bering Strait, having been introduced to R&S and its Apollo sub-label by his studio partner, Joe "Synkro" McBride. In a strikingly similar vein to McBride's Acceptance EP for Apollo last month, this release continues the label's current fixation on pastoral electronica. Using self-recorded instrumentation and field recordings, the seven productions forming this plaintive release are purposed to "interpret the dreams and observations" of Lever's rural surroundings. So far so late '90s, and it's not just the idea that's dated. With its shimmering tones, twee strumming and skipping shuffle, the title track sounds like it's lifted straight off Boards of Canada's underwhelming third album, The Campfire Headphase. "Luna" aligns more with Lusine's fidget-minimalism of the early '00s, with "Surface" again comparable to BOC. After the spa fodder of a cloying interlude entitled "Journey," "Deep Breath" represents a far more absorbing ambient cut of the German persuasion, before the equally arresting "Surya" and "The Sea God" end a decently-crafted yet unremarkable EP on a high note.
  • Tracklist
      01. Apart 02. Luna 03. Surface 04. Journey 05. Deep Breaths 06. Surya 07. The Sea God