Imugem Orihasam - Moon, Silhouetted Particles

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  • Having already appeared on Patrice Scott's Sistrum Recordings and Adam Marshall's New Kanada, the enigmatic Imugem Orihasam arrives on Berlin's Meander Music. Working from his secluded base in the mountains of northern Japan, Orihasam has come to prominence thanks to his cinematic brand of Detroit futurism, a signature sound that continues on this EP. Leading the A-side, Workshop founder Lowtec strips down the title track. Whereas Orishasam's atmospheric original is a sci-fi score lined with tonal chimes and rippling pulses, the German artist focuses on its more spacious elements by dropping the stems into a wash of minimalism. Over the flip, Orishasam shows what he's all about with "Time," an immersive cut of utopian techno. In their typically jaunty manner, Montrealers The Mole and Hreno team up with Meander mainstay DeWalta for a fidgety house remix that was apparently crafted during an afternoon studio jam.
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      A1 Moon, Silhouetted Particles (Lowtec Remix) A2 Moon, Silhouetted Particles B1 Time (The Mole, Hreno & DeWalta Remix) B2 Time