Skatebård - Confirmation Bias

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  • It's usually a safe bet to call a 14-minute techno bomb "beastly." But "Confirmation Bias," Skatebård's larger-than-life single originally released last summer, is a little too cuddly to truly fit the bill. Sure, the Norwegian veteran has given his snarling bassline an enormous habitat to stalk through, and it bears its teeth as it modulates over its extended runtime. Yet Skatebård has unleashed a gentle giant, a creature whose pitch-black hues and comic proportions make it more immersive than imposing. The track's digital re-release comes with remixes from a trio of fellow Scandinavians. Given "Confirmation Bias"'s relatively pared-down arrangement, all three reworks feel like expansions, even if they're considerably less epic in scale. Chmmr's "Borgerlig Konfirmasjon Remiks" puts a little pep in its step, with some extra sizzle on the percussion and Skatebård's bassline distilled to a single nervy note. Telephones takes nearly the opposite approach, sidestepping the original's darkness in favor of dense disco jamming. Finnish band Jesse stays closest to Skatebård's original vision, though their looser arrangement improbably lends "Confirmation Bias" an urgency it had lacked before.
  • Tracklist
      01. Confirmation Bias 02. Confirmation Bias (Chmmr's Borgerlig Konfirmasjon remiks) 03. Confirmation Bias (Telephones remix) 04. Confirmation Bias (Jesse's Live @ Haista Studio Mixxx)