Marcus Worgull - Muwekma EP

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  • If Howling was the EP that defined Innervisions in 2012, then appointing Marcus Worgull to see out the year was a savvy move: he too has form where pop-tinted house is concerned. "Long Way" and "Spellbound" were both released on Dixon and Âme's label, but what emerges on Muwekma is a bit more anchored to the dance floor, with Worgull collaborating on a track apiece with Peter Pardeike, Frank Wiedemann and Osunlade. The Osunlade collaboration, "Reno," is the sprightliest of the three. The track's staccato bassline does most of the work, bobbing and weaving in a way that evokes a Mediterranean crime thriller as much as a sweltering rooftop party. "Salam" with Peter Pardeike is an even more opulent affair, and no less effective. Swollen, distorted pads are heaved across the track's seven-minute running time toward a synth line you'd be hard-pressed to describe as anything other than monolithic—it saturates pretty much everything in the vicinity, somehow without becoming overbearing. The title track is more subtle, and it's for this reason that it deserves special praise. Like "Salam," luxuriant melody is the order of the day, but it's given a little more space to breathe amid Worgull and Wiedmann's seductive pitter-patter rhythm. Warped cathedral organs and faint rainforest calls also make themselves apparent on a track that, when tested on a decent club system, should feel utterly transformative.
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      A1 Marcus Worgull feat. Peter Pardeike - Salam A2 Marcus Worgull feat. Osunlade - Reno B1 Marcus Worgull feat. Frank Wiedemann - Muwekma