Rocketnumbernine / Four Tet - Roseland / Metropolis

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  • London duo Rocketnumbernine, comprising brothers Ben (keyboards) and Tom Page (drums), first collaborated with Kieran Hebden in 2010 when he remixed their superbly propulsive "Matthew and Toby." Hebden met the band through his sometime collaborator Steve Reid, and in the tumbling, jazzy intensity of Tom Page's percussion you sense that Hebden has found a successor to the late, great Reid, who passed away just a fortnight before this recording was made. Cut in a single take without any sort of computer intervention and produced by Floating Points, these tracks show the deep mutual understanding that has developed between three musicians who have gigged intensively together (the titles of these tracks refer to venues they have played, supporting Radiohead). Both tracks plumb the uncharted channels between jazz, rock and electronics. "Roseland" is the broodier of the two. Ben Page's organ meanders beneath the surface of the mix, while Hebden shines a torchlight of lucidity in the murky depths they explore. On "Metropolis" the pace quickens, keyboards scatter like petals over a nagging, one-note riff whose texture shifts as the track ebbs and swells. More, please.
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      A Roseland B Metropolis