Franck Roger - Don't U Know

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  • One way of sorting the deep house wheat from the chaff is sticking to names and labels with a long history of consistency, which is something that both Tsuba and Franck Roger have in abundance. "Don't U Know" is exactly what you'd expect a collaboration between the pair to sound like. Firm drums and a colossal bassline are present and correct, as are occasional splashes of both spoken and sung vocals, all elements that are rarely absent from Roger's productions. "Deep In" has more movement, but still keeps the groove on a fairly tight leash, with short Rhodes-like stabs setting a bright tone for the record's superbly crafted final third. Matthew Styles contributes two takes of the title track, both of which are significantly darker in tone. His "Club Mix" is heavily metallic, a shiny aluminium coating glistening around the wandering low-end thumps. His dub—if anything the more energetic of the pair—is the real jewel here, crackling with perfectly-judged tension as an inquisitive synth line wanders happily around. "I've lost the ability to distinguish good from bad" mutters the vocal sample. Thankfully, the same can't be said for Tsuba.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dont U Know A2 Deep In B1 Dont U Know (Matthew Styles Club Mix B2 Dont U Know (Matthew Styles Dub)