Pev & Kowton - Raw Code

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  • This isn't the first time Peverelist and Kowton have teamed up. The pair play live as Livity Sound alongside Asusu, and in 2011 released a single together called Beneath Radar. single featuring two mixes of the same track. You could clearly hear the difference between them—Kowton's jerky and dilapidated house rubbed shoulders with Peverelist's shaky dub-informed beats. But here on a single for Hessle Audio, they're completely melted into each other. And perhaps unsurprisingly, Raw Code is a satisfying slab of slinky, slate-grey club music. The A-side is the big tune here. Starting off with a jarring flute refrain, it crash lands with smashing glass as its dominant percussive device. Uncharacteristically violent and still swung sharply, it blows the rave nostalgia of Peverelist's "Dance Till the Police Come" into a storm of staccato snares and ruptured basslines. On the flipside, "Junked" is barebones, with dissociative synth lines and a minimal framework. The scuffed drums and leads sound like their power supply is slowly being sapped; it's the kind of thing that should sound sickly and unwieldy. But in the hands of these two, it's a feat of rave alchemy, turning damage and decay into something fierce and formidable.
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      A Raw Code B Junked