Soul Capsule - Overcome / Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)

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  • "This release will be kept close to my heart for the rest of my life... then passed on to my kids when they understand the true quality of music." Even among the possibly-too-obsessed members of the Discogs community, that's a lot of respect to heap on a club record. The heirloom in question is Soul Capsule's Overcome, an EP whose recent reissue eliminated any doubt (if there ever was any) about its classic status. Though its long since been available digitally, countless record nerds sprung at the chance to get a fresh copy, which is hardly surprising—these tracks have had an enduring appeal over the past 13 years. Repressing this one must have been a no-brainer. Overcome is the crème de la crème of minimal house, made by two of the style's finest practitioners, Baby Ford and Thomas Melchior. It was ahead of the curve when it came out on Ford's label, Trelik, in 1999, just before the sound really picked up steam. Listening now, each of its tracks has aged differently: "Overcome," the dance floor bomb of the package, has a taut production style and unintelligible vocal hook that recall the best of Berlin's minimal heyday. "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)" is more timeless, and ultimately more of a masterpiece, with its bittersweet organ melodies and that dramatic intro that begs to be played in full. These are the choice cuts from the original EP, and they're the only ones included in the repress. Some will groan about "Lady Science (Tek Mix)" being left out, but it's hard to deny that this one sounds quite dated compared to the other two. "Overcome" and "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)" are special, not least because they form part of that fraction of club music that still grabs you more than a decade down the line.
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      A Overcome B Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)