Laura Jones - Sensoramic EP

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  • Somewhat surprisingly, Sensoramic marks Laura Jones's first exclusively solo foray into the production realm. Having spent the past 18 months teasing us with occasional nuggets of dance floor gold on split EPs and remixes, it's been her abilities as a DJ more than anything that have kept her in favour with the UK's house music elite. Across its four tracks, this EP explores a previously unseen side to Jones, with a focus on more groove-orientated soundscapes. There's an assured gait to her work, conveyed in part via a consistently burly brickwork of kicks and insistent basslines. Opener "Let Me In" is built on these foundations, layering sprightly chimes and broad swathes of spacey synths alongside Jones's own stark, seductive vocals. It's a mature, tempered effort. Her own "Dub Rework" is more of a tool, mutating the vocals into faint, patterned snippets while the tighter, murkier groove rolls endlessly on. Jones's singing pops up again on "Lose Myself," which marks a departure into dreamier, more exploratory territory. Quivering pan pipes play out over a bold, if slightly glib, synth-line, leaving little of the punchiness previously displayed. However, "Every Thought" delves deeper into the well of Jones's artistic capacity and here we're rewarded. She paints a rich, sensuously melodious portrait using bold strokes of techy, echoing synths set over a covering of resonant bassline hum.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Let Me In A2 Let me In (Dub Rework) B1 Lose Myself B2 Every Thought