Bandshell - Caustic View

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  • Liberation Technologies was set up as a channel for Mute Records' ongoing commitment to innovative electronic music. Following on from Laurel Halo's first release as King Felix and the returning British Murder Boys comes a four-tracker from the enigmatic Bandshell. Arriving via Hessle Audio with the well-received Dust March single last summer, the newcomer's second coming is a tougher work than its predecessor. Wrought in hostility, "Winton" marks the closest the producer has ventured onto the dance floor, through a syncopation of twisted snare rolls and blown stabs. "Perc," which featured on Ben UFO's recent FabricLive mix, is a roughly cut bass-score that suspends a lone, snaking note over a bed of sunken pulses. "Nice Mullet," a far more muscular inclusion aligned with pre-saturation dubstep, bears an equally undercooked edge. Marking the late highpoint, "Landfill" washes cold-wave industrialism over entropic machine funk, resembling Stay Down-era Two Lone Swordsmen.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Winton A2 Perc B1 Nice Mullet B2 Landfill