Tiga - Plush

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  • Tiga's never been one to linger demurely in the shadows, has he? On "Plush," he joins forces with libidinous tech pop troubadour Matthew Dear, whose mucky fingerprints are all over the track. Both Tiga and Dear share vocal duties, but it's the latter's whispering, telephone sex line delivery that both parties settle on. Musically, it's a mid-paced tech/breaks stomp of choppy, rotor blade drum patterns and rising acidic doodles, which runs out to some Kraftwerkian analogue synth phrases. Jacques Lu Cont may have spent much of his production career working with the great and not-so-great of the pop realm, but Stuart Price's reworking suggests he's having more fun these days doing what the fuck he likes. Nudging the original's tempo to something more peak-time, Price throws in ravey keys, hardcore breakbeats and pummelling handclaps. Don't let his commercial past put you off. Starting off nowhere near as strident as Lu Cont's, but certainly more menacing, Âme's remix finds the German duo leaving the acid elements intact, adding frantic buzzsaw synths and stamping old-school hallmarks, like rapid-fire snare attacks, onto it.
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      01. Plush 02. Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) 03. Plush (Ame Remix)