SOPHIE – Nothing More to Say

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  • SOPHIE, the latest producer to emerge from the camp of Scottish promoters Huntleys & Palmers, has expressed interest in making music that approximates the rush of a theme park thrill ride. Nothing More to Say is certainly a blast, but I wonder if the rush you experience has more to do with the cotton candy you consumed before queuing for the coaster than the ride itself. Neon and sugary-sweet, these three tracks are that sort of treat, though there's enough substance to SOPHIE's concoction that you're likely to avoid the crash that often accompanies such immediate pleasures. SOPHIE doesn't have the depth of label-mate Auntie Flo's productions, nor the subtle highbrow touches of someone like Jam City, but they're all working in a similar vein: they make party music, though they're obviously serious about its execution. "Nothing More to Say" has a stuttering electro bassline and reverb-y vocal that screams 1986, but it hits with computer-guided precision that's hardly retro. A dub mix—commissioned by Jackmaster, we're told—turns its attention to the swelling melody that makes the original so easy to get swept up in. "EEEHHH" is a collection of massive, loop-de-loop vamps, but its pleasures are all in the details, like off-the-cuff snare rolls and a synth that grows excellently fried in the track's final moments.
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      A Nothing More to Say (Dub) B Eeehhh Digital: Nothing More to Say (Vocal)