Jacques Renault - Back To You

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  • After releasing a string of records from his peers in 2012, Jacques Renault has decided it's high-time he put something out himself. The first Let's Play House release of the year comes from the label's co-founder, and a long overdue appearance it is; this is Renault's first new original material in three years, backed up here with a debut remix from French duo Paradis. Back to You finds Renault in a slightly less playful mood than long-term followers may have come to expect. Gone are the exuberant percussive breaks and lavishly splashed streaks of neon, replaced by tempered, mildly melancholy disco loops and echoing toms, sepia-toned rather than high-definition. Not that this makes it any less engaging. The filtered loop panning left and right may have a vaguely soporific effect, but it's one you're only too happy to roll with. The real joy on the package, however, is the remix from Paradis. Setting you up for an entirely pleasant ride with a bed of breathy male "oohs" and "aahs," its complementing basslines may catch you off guard with the force of their conviction. The first bellows at a subterranean level, warming you to the core, while the second introduces an abyssal gurgle.
  • Tracklist
      A Back To You B Back To You (Paradis Remix)