Ejeca - Frequency EP

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  • Belfast producer Ejeca is often lumped in with his Northern Irish friends Bicep as part of an enthusiastic revival of '90s house. But where Bicep revel in replicating their idols, Ejeca updates the template with modern polish and an emphasis on bright synth sounds rather than samples. That latter tendency, coupled with his knack for poignant hooks, makes him a shoe-in for Sasha's Last Night on Earth imprint. The leisurely "Hi Rollin" throws a chord melody on top of a loping beat and pretty much calls it a day. That's not necessarily a bad thing—the track would make a fine set opener, and it's more about teasing than development (though the pointless diva samples detract from the tension-building). "Neva 2 Far" is textbook Ejeca, taking those same ideas but slapping them on a perfunctory, classic-sounding beat instead. There's nothing bad about it, but there's nothing particularly exciting either. The flipside shows us the darker side of Ejeca. "Nassau Storm" is seven minutes of steady build and cultivated fog, with a synth riff (once again) dominating in a backdrop of uneasy basslines, off-in-the-distance drums and other percussive dusting. It never quite tips off into climax territory, but I'm beginning to realize that's not what his music is about. While the dip into darker territory holds promise, "Time for Change," unfortunately, is a straight Burial rip; the woodblocky percussion, stuttery moans and sloping basslines are unmistakably cribbed from the Hyperdub artist. It's an effective copy—especially once the twirling synth lines enter—but feels a little cynical for the touchstones it so shamelessly appropriates.
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      01. Hi Rollin 02. Neva 2 Far 03. Nassau Storm 04. Time For Change