Factory Floor - Fall Back

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  • Given that it's been more than a year since we last heard original material from Factory Floor—their debut single for DFA, "Two Different Ways"—perhaps we might have expected some overhauling of style. Really though, the London-based trio have always been more interested in brutal refinement than modish experimentation. "Fall Back" is the first single from their long-awaited debut album, and it suggests more of the same—in the best possible way. The elements are simple and by now familiar: crisp, aggressive percussion, part human, part drum machine; that eternally juddering synth line; Nik Void's deadpan vocals. If anything, though, "Fall Back" is more striking, more stylish than its predecessor. For the first half, ragged claps and hi-hat fills spar over the ubiquitous kick drum, details gradually accruing until we burst into a full-on motorik groove. Meanwhile Void delivers a quasi-robotic monologue, simultaneously disdainful and seductive, asking—though it sounds more like an accusation— "Did you feel like you were going to fall underground?" The whole thing is steely but erotic, a mix of flesh and machine in the spirit of the trio's industrial forebears. The imperative to dance is more or less irresistible.
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      A1 Fall Back B1 Fall Back Synth Loop B2 Fall Back Drum Loop B3 Fall Back Guitar Loop