KiNK vs Marc Romboy - Sampledelics Vol. 2

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  • KiNK and Marc Romboy make a formidable team. After the success of Sampledelics Vol. 1, the pair return with the second instalment, transferring the project from Ovum Recordings onto Romboy's own Systematic. Following the same idea as the first—to revisit and recapture the dance floor tone of yesteryear—this EP delivers another three-track helping of heady, classic-sounding house. "Over and Out" feels instantly KiNK, with the record's thrusting lead chords instantly reminiscent of the Bulgarian producer's 2010 smash "Existence." This isn't quite as relentless, however, incorporating dreamy, nostalgic pads and an enlivening female vox tinting it with a lighter, Orbital-esque rave hue. Make no mistakes though: this remains a dance floor weapon. As does "Pump It," albeit on altogether crasser terms. Hackneyed cries of (yep, you guessed it) "pump it" resonate over a bouncy bassline, made worse by a layer of brash stabs and moments of gravelly drone. "Delusions of the Enemy" recovers earlier form, its sedate climate offering a stark contrast to the pair's previous efforts. A warm, harmonious palette of uncomplicated piano, scatty snares and cosy, understated bass, it wraps up an incongruous, but ultimately noteworthy EP.
  • Tracklist
      01. Over And Out 02. Pump It! 03. Delusion Of The Enemy