Salva - Odd Furniture

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  • Having toured a number of major festivals over the past year with the likes of Machinedrum and Nguzunguzu, Paul Salva is currently enjoying a lift in profile within stateside bass circles. Friends of Friends, the LA label that's partly responsible for his success, now brings Salva back for their first release of 2013. All five inclusions feel like frenetic bastardisations of instrumental hip-hop. "Get a Life" and "BBQ" both evoke Dave Taylor's output as Switch, while "Drop That B" is reminiscent of Starkey's Philly-bass. "Rest In 3-Piece" contrasts horror sound-effects over a backdrop of key-heavy garage, with the footwork-paced "Hard Drive" being the other notable pick. Odd Furniture won't mark Salva out as a new pack leader, but there are plenty of promising aspects here to suggest his best is yet to come.
  • Tracklist
      01. Get A Life 02. Drop That B 03. Hard Drive 04. Rest In 3-Piece 05. BBQ