Monty Luke - Bomb on Bomb EP Remixes

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  • Often, remix EPs can feel like cash-ins. There's always the rare EP worth its weight in gold, however, and those are always a special kind of satisfying. This one, where H-Foundation and Gerd get two tries each at Planet E label manager Monty Luke's 2012 release on Full Flavour Music, is one such diamond in the rough. The original "In Love with a Dancer" was a heatsick tech house blur, and American duo H-Foundation emphasize its dubby reverb to psychedelic extremes. The first remix is coated in thick Vaseline. It's simpler than the original, with everything in perfect place; it's more perfunctory, but no less dramatic, than the original. Ironically, it's H-Foundation's "tool" that proves less by-the-numbers, pulling out the slick drums and letting the whole thing float in space. Increasingly ubiquitous Dutchman Gerd gets the flipside. His NY Stomp remix of "Bomb on Bomb" doesn't dramatically alter the original, instead toning down its flamboyance and laying on the tough New Jersey hi-hats and other retro elements of his latest alias. On the rework under his own name, he teases out the groove as long as possible, substituting its bleepy chord progression with abrasive bursts of static.
  • Tracklist
      A1 In Love With A Dancer (H Foundation Remix) A2 In Love With A Dancer (H Foundation Tool) B1 Bomb On Bomb (Gerd Remix) B2 Bomb On Bomb (Gerd NY Stomp Remix)