Benoit & Sergio - Bridge So Far

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  • In the autumn of 2010, Benoit & Sergio shot to international prominence with the infectious and arguably era-defining "Walk and Talk." Having been featured on a raft of heavyweight stateside labels, including Visionquest, Spectral Sound and DFA, Bridge So Far marks the duo's first release for London's Hot Creations. The two tracks forming this 12-inch find Benoit & Sergio once again yielding their jovial blend of electro pop and house, but where there was a nonconformist swagger to their early offerings, this one treads more traditional ground. Sitting somewhere between the sugared contents of the Drive soundtrack and Darkdancer -era Les Rythmes Digitales, the title track suspends the pair's Byrne-esque vocals over a progression of amped slap bass to form a glossy cut of '80s-themed new wave. Meanwhile, "$100 Bill" rides a similar pluck-heavy bassline, but without the same anthemic nostalgia, making it an equally accessible, yet comparatively less captivating, B-side. The production on both is undoubtedly crisp, but it's unlikely that either of these tracks would have vaulted the pair to stardom the way their early singles did. But despite their flaws, both will find a captive audience.
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      A Bridge So Far B $100 Bill