Will Saul & October - Light Sleeper

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  • Will Saul's move to the West Country has afforded the Aus and Simple boss the opportunity to hook up with Bristol's Julian "October" Smith, the ex- Caravan Recordings boss who's now co-running TANSTAAFL. With Smith on digital drum duties and FX, and Saul on synths, the duo fashion a sparsely-populated slo-mo techno cut with "Light Sleeper." Shards of wintry sun shine across its surface—a distorted, vibrato organ motif—but it's otherwise beautifully bleak, with a percussive Doppler effect running up its spine, a hint of acid squiggle, and hi-hats and snares not arriving until late in the day. Michael Mayer's mix doesn't fuck with the tempo, and leaves in the organ but, ever idiosyncratically, the Kompakt boss adds a winding funk bass, arpeggiated keys, 2-step mutations and sub-bass drone. A modest but intriguing package.
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      A Light Sleeper. B Light Sleeper (Michael Mayer Remix)