Javi Bora & Le Vinyl - Omatsuri EP

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  • DJ Sneak, Mihai Popoviciu, Brett Johnson, Agnès, Rolando, Iron Curtis, Moodymanc… it's quite a list of producers who've appeared on Hudd Traxx over the years. Spaniards Javi Bora & Le Vinyl may not boast quite the same profile yet, but the pairing's debut for the Yorkshire-born, Manchester-based label shows undeniable quality. That said, the title track doesn't quite have the impact of the other two here, although much of that's down to the expansiveness of both mixes of "Boreal." "Omatsuri" rides in on a ping-pong keyboard line that permeates the entire ten minutes of the track, eventually unfurling as a tripped-out, low-slung gallop, punctured by bass synth drops. Then the fun really begins. The original mix of "Boreal" goes for the jugular from the outset, its chattering, dubby percussion hitting an early peak, before the entrance of a searing female vocal, the track settling down to a rattling groove that sounds like a porch door flapping in a gale. As if to underline its grandstand quality, every so often Bora & Vinyl drop everything, before rejoining the melee with increasing intensity. The sharper, more concentrated dub mix dispenses with most, but not all, of the vocal, adding some extra beats and cymbal flourishes, that rhythmic rattle sounding ever more intense.
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      A Omatsuri B1 Boreal B2 Boreal (dub)