Trevino - Klockworks 09

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  • After a year of steady releases, the man sometimes known as drum & bass producer Marcus Intalex finds himself entrenched in the worldwide techno community in a way that countless hopefuls could only dream of. His tracks were given the seal of approval from techno demigod Ben Klock, who threw "Forged" on his acclaimed fabric 66 CD last year, and now releases it through his Klockworks imprint. You might expect Klock's taste in Trevino to centre on the project's most merciless missives, but you'd be wrong in this case. "Forged" does sound pretty ominous though, and not just because the climax features portentous strings. Beneath its nimble kicks lay slovenly chords that bellow like foghorns, and the whole thing gallops with a looseness you don't often get with techno of this nature. While "Forged" is definitely the EP's standout, the other two make decent enough bedfellows. "Uptight" is a no-frills tool with a gloopy bassline and clanging metal sample (and not much else), while "Doldrums" is a little more ambitious. That one borrows the dread of "Forged" and drapes it over a pseudo 2-step pattern, a reminder that even while Trevino tries to fit in with his new community, he's still finding new things to bring to the table.
  • Tracklist
      A Forged B1 Uptight B2 Doldrums