Just Be – After the Storm

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  • With his musical relationship with Layo Paskin having now come to The End (sorry), Matthew "Bushwacka!" Benjamin has transformed himself, Hulk-style, into Just Be. "After the Storm (Up Mix)" kicks off with breakneck percussion, roach-like noises and wind rushes, to which Benjamin feeds in distant latino voices and tightly-wound toms. The layers continue to build relentlessly—drum rolls, bassy piano phrases—finally reaching a brief climax before settling down to a steady pulse populated by Spanish guitars, congas and even a hint of North African strings. The "Deep Mix" of the same track keeps many of the previous version's elements in place, but places them in a more brooding context; as a result, it has more impact when it hits the breakdown, after which the air is filled with crash cymbals, hi-hats and a jazzy freeform flute solo. The lead tracks' more visceral approach is swapped for a high-stepping sound on "Out of the System," with its bouncing ping-pong rhythm and fuel-injected percussion. It's atypical Bushwacka! fare—and all the more intriguing for it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 After the Storm A2 After the Storm (Deep Mix) B Out of the System