Jimpster - These Times Remixes

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  • Jimpster's most recent single, "These Times," was, as Nick Connellan put it, "unusually song like… a lush mass of live instrumentation and harmony-heavy vocals." It was pretty, delicate stuff, and singer Jinadu's vocals had—forgive my cynicism—remarkable value in their own right for dance music. The singing had subtlety; the lyrics were profound but not pretentious. All of this is grist to the mill of a deep house remixer, and all three producers make the most of this vocal, keeping it intact and focusing on the backing track. Dixon, in his infinite wisdom, simply brings out what was there already. He makes it roll and swing more, showing a sturdy grasp of rhythm without indulging himself with an overblown build or the like. Having said that, the other producers go a bit further and do well with it. Manuel Tur goes slightly slower, and quite a bit deeper and heavier. His interpretation utilises a dubby wash of blacklight synth and delay, which builds towards the end. Kyodai's remix is more floral and decorative, bringing this character out of Jimpster's original. It's carried by a nice tech house chug, and stretches out into a long section later on that flits along naturally.
  • Tracklist
      A These Times (Dixon Retouch) B1 These Times (Manuel Tur Remix) B2 These Times (Kyodai Remix)