Shawn O'Sullivan and Civil Duty - Security

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  • Anthony Parasole has been a force in New York's underground club scene for years. Throughout the '00s, he worked as a buyer at Halcyon Records, one of the city's main entry points for quality house and techno records. He's played a role in some great parties series, like House-N-Home and New Jack City, and got his feet wet as a label manager in 2009 with Deconstruct Music, the label he runs with Levon Vincent. But probably the most concrete example we've gotten yet of his personal artistic vision is The Corner, a techno label he launched last year. So far The Corner has been a channel for New York's seemingly endless pool of talented but unknown producers. This continues on Security. Shawn O'Sullivan is a Brooklyn up-and-comer who's already appeared on two of the city's best labels—L.I.E.S. and WT Records. He delivers two solo productions: the blistering title cut and "Crisis," a more stepping, atmospheric number. On "Courier," another galloping techno track, he joins Chicago artist Beau Wanzer as Civil Duty. All three songs have a confrontational attitude and a leathery production feel—a quality they share with The Corner's last EP, Atlantic Ave by Parasole by Phil Moffa, the latter of whom mastered Security. With an EP from Marcel Dettmann in the pipeline, The Corner is fast becoming one of the best new techno labels out there.
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      A Shawn O'Sullivan - Security B1 Civil Duty - Courier B2 Shawn O'Sullivan - Crisis