Rick Wade – Night Addiction EP

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  • After three releases from the label's namesake duo of Le Loup and Seuil, Hold Youth has opened its doors to some new talent. With an EP from upstart producer (and fellow Frenchman) S3A behind them, the label seems to have moved into the big leagues with a pair of tunes from deep house bigwig Rick Wade. Nearly two decades into his career, Wade's still making functional yet decidedly crafty floor-fillers, and that's exactly what he's signed over to Hold Youth. "Night Addiction" is exactly the sort of brash, long-after-midnight burner the title suggests, but "Enter Dawn"'s slippery bassline makes it an underdog worth rooting for. That said, both tracks will feel a little familiar; the remixes of "Night Addiction," on the other hand, stretch their legs nicely. Though only half a minute or so longer, the Hold Youth mix takes on epic proportions. Substituting a moody shuffle for the original's hefty drum breaks, the duo updates Wade's sound and imbues it with some delicious subtlety. S3A employs an entirely opposite approach, taking wild liberties with Wade's sample and turning in an even more assertive banger.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Night Addiction A2 Enter Dawn B1 Night Addiction (Hold Youth remix) B2 Night Addiction (S3A remix)