Johnwaynes - Algarve EP

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  • Back And Forth 021 is the digital follow-up to the Italian label's sixth vinyl release, put out in late November of last year. That 12-inch was essentially a merging of two EPs, bringing together tracks from both Gene and Johnwaynes. Only the latter's material is present here, with a new track called "Silver Shells" also thrown into the mix. Johnwaynes have a boisterous tech house roller in "Algarve," made so by a surly, heavyweight bassline and broad, spacey chords. Synthetic vocals flit in and out intermittently, adding a hint of spice to the mix. It feels a touch generic, but a decent enough dance floor tool all the same. Tigerskin aims to move the original in otherworldly directions on his "Cosmic Remix," and though his version remains firmly linear, he does add the odd, intriguing swirl, brightening up the steadfast original. Seeing us out in faltering fashion, "Silver Shells" plods along with less purpose than the title track. Moving from stale, stifled keyboards through to a medley of zany tweaks, it wraps up a mediocre display from the Balearic pair.
  • Tracklist
      01. Algarve 02. Algarve (Tigerskin's Cosmic Remix) 03. Silver Shell