Ossie - Ignore EP

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  • Following on from his summer release on 2020 Midnight Visions, east Londoner Ossie closes out a buoyant 2012 with his second EP on Hyperdub in as many years. Across its two tracks, Ignore sees Ossie continue his contemporary broken beat revival, merging the genre's staggered 4/4 framework with his own, ruder dance floor twist. On "Ignore," Ossie swaps the vocoder on 2011 Hyperdub favourite "Set the Tone" for the smooth, all-natural vox of Tilz. The singer, who alongside Ossie and Paul Black makes up the collaborative Black Orange Juice project, openly admits to the purposefully foul treatment of his other half, the raw honesty of his lyrics sidling up cosily alongside the organic sounds of the supporting kicks and snares. As the vocals retire midway through the track, Ossie, as if suddenly liberated from traditional singer/songwriter convention, lets loose with futuristic synth stabs and bass squelches. Think Vikter Duplaix's "Manhood" with a more fiery underbelly, possibly composed once the relationship had turned sour. On the flip, "Find It" employs similarly springy percussive foundations, propping up a combo of breathy, choral vocals and a healthy measure of Ossie's signature bounce. At one point, the bassline transforms into an interlude of thick acoustic guitar, which though at first feels slightly out of place, soon melds with the surrounding elements to form a cohesive, dynamic whole.
  • Tracklist
      A Ignore (Yes I Did) feat. Tilz B Find It