Shlomi Aber - Foolish Games EP

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  • In an interview with RA back in 2009, Shlomi Aber mentioned that he made records simply for the enjoyable experience of playing them out. Foolish Games, his latest EP on his own Be As One imprint, corroborates that claim, comprising of two slices of tech house so functional in its composition that not only will no pair of headphones or home sound system ever do it justice, but listening to them as standalone tracks can only convey a fraction of their potential impact. For records like these, context is everything. Leading with a solid kick and a single, unsettling note, the title track immediately invokes an air of dramatic tension. A set of spirited snares and a second, higher note cranks up the suspense several notches, setting the stage for the record's main event: French vocalist Möggli's eerily dulcet tones sitting lonely atop the naked, atmospheric foundations. Intertwining the vox with interludes of rhythmic juggling serves to further heighten its effect, underlining just how invaluable simple, strong production values can be. If "Foolish Games" felt like a slight deviation from the producer's typical style, "Lines in the Sand" is classic Aber. His records tend to offer the listener something to grab hold of early on and here it arrives in the form of a tender, compelling synth melody. A sturdy bassline and crisp percussive accompaniments repeatedly diffuse and reinvigorate the record's energy, making for something that will undoubtedly work on the dance floor.
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      A Foolish Games feat. Möggli B Lines In The Sand