A Guy Called Gerald - How Long Is Now

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  • If you have ever visited or lived in Berlin there's a strong chance you'll remember the giant depiction of a face beneath the existential cry "How Long is Now," inscribed on the side of the legendary, and sadly now defunct, Art House Tacheles. That face, incidentally, belongs to A Guy Called Gerald, who after having spent some time living and working in the city's central artistic hub, was one day immortalised by one of the building's many, anonymous visual artists. Whether Gerald's latest release was penned in homage to the late Tacheles is unclear (Bosconi Records claim it as a freak coincidence), but either way the British producer's first solo EP of 2012 can't help but feel like it has significant meaning beyond the music itself. Opener "How Long is Now" is a lengthy, cavernous affair, all dark swelling bass and unnerving acid tweaks, set against a backdrop of glitchy, minimal drums. The elements move in such steady, languid harmony, you get the impression the track might simply roll on forever. It's hard to think when or where you'd play a record like this, but Berlin probably wouldn't be a bad place to start. The soaring house diva vocals on "Groove of the Ghetto" offer an immediate, stark contrast to the title track's brooding mass, and yet with his unpolished set of kicks and snarling bassline, Gerald gives this standout soulful house cut a dark Detroit streak. "202" opens with none of the tentativeness that ran through his previous efforts, boldly asserting itself by way of thumping kicks and a wildly captivating acid synth. The latter sucks the listener in, leading them on a twisted, merry dance towards an impending, rumbling set of bass hits. Direct homages or not, this EP stands testament to the Tacheles' continued radical and inspiring presence.
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      A How Long Is Now B1 Groove Of The Ghetto B2 202