Jack Dixon - 10997

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  • Berlin-based Londoner Jack Dixon has always been an in-betweener, with colourful modern garage and straight-up house music flirtations on both on Hotflush and Apollo. This debut on Leftroom leans more towards the 4/4 side of things than usual. For 10997, Dixon sacrifices the heavily emotive content of his previous work in favour of lean grooves. Unfortunately, his attempts to dress up these skeletons still leaves a whole lot of bone showing. With its rumbling bassline and pitched-down vocals, "Square" could almost soundtrack a Circo Loco night. It has that same muggy atmosphere that here manages to numb even his trademark synth layering. Notching up the anesthetic another hit, "PS Triangle" honestly doesn't do much of anything, twiddling its thumbs for eight minutes. The writhing "Circle" ups the ante even further; with Butch-style drum hits and vocal snippets, it's an unexpected pastiche of late-period minimal. Only "Hexagon" lives up to his past work, juggling a vocal sample that successfully combines the wan infrastructure with something resembling vibrancy. It's certainly not his best work, but it shows that even amidst a misstep he still has his own flair buried in there somewhere.
  • Tracklist
      01. Square 02. Circle 03. Hexagon 04. Ps Triangle