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  • Something tells me we're going to look back on AnD's interview with Little White Earbuds earlier this year as a tipping point for the current wave of interest in industrial techno. Andy and Dimitri, the Mancunian duo that make up the group, talk about music that's designed to "take your face off in a club" and how "it's all about getting hard, man, harder and harder and harder." For the moment, though, "harder and harder and harder" seems OK: AnD's "001," the A-side from their debut missive for their self-titled imprint has just enough groove to keep things from getting too over-the-top. On B-side "0101," especially, the whirling synths cut beneath the brutal breakbeat, and offer much-needed respite. It's not much, but when you're dealing with industrial techno, it's all about shades of black and blue. Let's hope they don't soon forget that bruises can be yellow, red and purple as well.
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      A 001 B 0101