Subliminal Sessions 5 - Erick Morillo

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  • Yep, he’s back with another ‘Session’ for Subliminal, just in time to get those summer party vibes flowing. In a change to previous releases in the series however, Erick Morillo delves deeper into his record collection, unearthing some tunes from his earlier DJing days. Is it that? Or did he think that he couldn’t find enough quality new stuff to make a double CD compilation at short notice? Probably the former, for the new material included from Subliminal is all high quality, including their all-star 100th release ‘Dancin’, where Morillo, Romero and Nunez team up with Jessica Eve for a great vocal track. Robert Owens sings on the classy Harry Romero cut ‘I Go Back’, and there are two of Robbie Rivera’s many new tracks in ‘Feel This’ and ‘Liar’. So what’s the old stuff? I’m sure we could do without hearing ‘French Kiss’ again, classic though it is, but it’s particularly good to hear Alcatraz’ ‘Give Me Luv’, a favourite of mine. Morillo mixes this brilliantly out of the latter Rivera cut. His decision to open with Dan Hartman’s ‘Light My Fire’ is a good one too, blending nicely into Jeanette Thomas’s ‘Shake Your Body’. A fine compilation then, with CD1 providing a great party soundtrack and CD2 some tougher, deeper material. Subliminal fans, you know what to do!